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Sidahitun ~ Straight from the Heart

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Welcome to Sidahitun

Welcome to Seedhaa Hithun, ("straight from the heart" in the Maldivian language Dhivehi).God himself promised that everyone who searches for Him from the depth of his heart will find Him.

It is our desire that you discover God's heart - a heart full of love and care for each detail of your life.

This bilingual website addresses a wide range of life issues in Dhivehi and English for listening to, reading, downloading and reflection.

May God bless you!


Leading by Serving

Leaders often rule over people to gain more power isn`t it? What is a godly leader? What are leadership practices which please Allah?

The Way of Isa (1)

Sure 3:50 commands us to worship Allah and obey Isa. He is the sign of Allah for all people, (Mariyam 19:22). What does he command his followers to do?

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